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Our Story

InBetween417 started as a vision to create a platform for student artists to connect with industry professionals. In our early days, we focused on building a supportive community to bridge the gap between academia and the creative industry, driven by a passion for fostering creativity and collaboration.

Our journey began with a small team of dedicated individuals who believed in the power of mentorship and networking to propel budding talent forward. Through persistence and dedication, we grew into a thriving community that continues to inspire and empower student artists on their path to success.

InBetween417 has been recognized for its commitment to supporting emerging talent and fostering innovation in the creative industry. Our awards affirm our mission to facilitate valuable connections and knowledge exchange within the creative community, making us a trusted hub for aspiring student creators.

Our Value

Our Unique Value Propositions


Expert Guidance

Benefit from seasoned professionals offering guidance and mentorship to help you navigate the artistic industry with confidence.


Collaborative Platform

Engage with a vibrant community of creative minds and industry experts, fostering collaborations that unlock new possibilities.


Tailored Resources

Access a wealth of resources curated specifically for student artists, providing the support needed for skill enhancement and growth.


Our Team

Mile Barnes
Esther Howard
Courtney Henry
Floyd Miles
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